Our analysis of 212 million Spanish sentences shows you only need to learn 1,000 words to understand 80% of the language [1]. And using our memory algorithm to space your efforts, it takes a total of just two minutes to transfer each word into your long-term memory [2].

This data-driven approach offers you the quickest route to real understanding , but don't take our word for it! Get exclusive access to the Repetitio app by emailing info@repetitio.co and try it for yourself.

What makes this different to Duolingo?

Ultimately language is not learnt through points or levels, it's learnt through reading, listening and eventually speaking. The sooner you can move on from simplified material and start engaging with native Spanish, the better you'll become at the language and the more rewarding it will be to use it. We pride ourselves on using a purely data-driven approach to accelerate you to that point, so you can move on from needing apps.

Don't I need to study grammar?

Studying grammar as a beginner is like studying mechanics to learn to drive, you don't need to understand how the car works to be able to drive it! With enough exposure you'll acquire grammatical patterns naturally, as you did with your native language.

What is a memory algorithm?

Memory algorithms work through a learning technique known as Spaced Repetition to reliably move words to your long-term memory by optimising the spaces between reviews. It combines two well-researched learning phenomena: the spacing effect & active recall.

I find flashcards boring – is that what Repetitio is?

We do too! What's more, concrete examples are extremely effective at helping you remember. So on Repetitio, every time you review a word, you'll be filling in the gap of a real, native Spanish sentence. This means you'll always be learning in real contexts and will have daily variety.

What do I do after Repetitio?

Listen to things you want to listen to. Read things you want to read. Except they'll be in Spanish, and you'll now understand about 80%! You'll be ready to continue your language learning journey with the very best foundation.

Join the Repetitio Beta

We're looking for motivated Spanish beginners to join our beta group. Email info@repetitio.co to request to join and we'll send you instructions.

[1] We ran a corpus analysis script on the Spanish Opensubs movie database. The script counted each occurrence of a word and compared that to the total of occurrences of all words. We found that the most frequent 1,000 words accounted for 79.6% of all word usage.

[2] Spaced repetition is the regular review of a target word with increased gaps between each review. After 8 consecutive successful reviews using the SM2 algorithm the word will stay in your memory for around 4 years. If a review takes an average of 15 seconds, this means it takes just 2 minutes to transfer a word to your long-term memory.

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